Failures on the Homestead

Yesterday was rough as far as dropping the proverbial ball…

First, our bees arrived with no notice to us so our hive wasn’t quite ready. The rush job to pick the bees up and get them installed led to me making a big boo boo when installing our queen and she escaped from the excluder cage… The moral of that story is obviously to stop and think about what I’m doing before I do it and to use a little common sense. Now, we have our bees too soon, we’re facing freezing temperatures this week, and we may or may not have a queen in the hive, depending on where she ended up post escape.

On top of that, Sadie ran away ☹️ and we haven’t been able to locate her. Some pretty intense thunder storms came through last night and she never came home from going potty. My heart is broken. And we’ve posted flyers around the neighborhood and called all the local shelters, but no one has seen our Sadie girl.

I pray she finds her way home. 

I guess I knew that mishaps like this happen on homesteads all the time, but there’s something in me that thought maybe we were immune… That goes to show how pride can effect your thinking and lead to stupid mistakes because of carelessness​.

In the future, I’ll be much more mindful.

***Update 4/8/17***

We found our Sadie girl! She is back home safe and sound with new ID tags. She had a nice vacation at our neighbor’s house for 3 days. We’re happy to have her home.

3 thoughts on “Failures on the Homestead

    1. We found her! She had been at a distant neighbor’s house for 3 days. They posted to social media and the shelters I had called put her in touch with me. Turns out, Sadie hadn’t gone very far at all, but they didn’t realize how near we were to them.

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