Meet Our New Flock

“Know well the condition of your flocks…” Proverbs 27:23

I’ve been really convicted lately by my own pride keeping​ me from walking in God’s will. The consequences have been emotionally devastating. I have a proclivity to make decisions in haste and then ask God’s blessing on them without first seeking His guidance in the first place. Losing our first flock and giving Sadie to a new home (a friend of our neighbor) has been very difficult but I’ve come to realize in all of it that it comes down to me trying to do everything in my own strength and without seeking to walk in God’s will and rely on His wisdom.

Since then, I’ve been bringing everything to God in prayer. Even the decision to purchase a riding mower. (Which I haven’t done yet because I haven’t received an answer from the Lord)

We did seek God’s wisdom in replacing our flock. I prayed for guidance and His provision and He led us to 6 pullets the same age as our Amerucauna (whom I nicknamed Luttrell out of the utmost respect for her namesake and Navy SEAL as she was our “Lone Survivor”)

We now have 7 chickens:

A light Brahma, a black Australorp, an Amerucauna, a blue Andalusian, a blue splash Orpington, an all white Easter egger, and a Gold Lace Wyandotte.

All of whom reside in our mostly completed coop.

I’ve always been fascinated by biblical numerology. As such, I can’t help but notice that the current number of our flock is 7; symbolic of spiritual perfection and which is attributed to every work of God. I also see significance in the 1 chicken which remained after we lost our 8 others; I see the remnant, God’s mercy and grace. Before, we had 9 chickens. In the Bible, 9 is the number of finality and judgement and is also used to define the perfect movement of God. We lost 8, which signifies resurrection and regeneration; it signifies the end of something and a new beginning.

I’m incredibly humbled by God’s grace and furthermore by His wisdom and instruction. I am striving to walk in His will more diligently than ever before out of reverence for His greatness and my insufficency.

He granted us a second chance and emptied me of myself. For that I’m so grateful. I know the condition of my flock, healthy, well fed, clean…but now I’m also newly aware of my own spiritual condition- hopelessly lost without the redmptive work of Christ.

One thought on “Meet Our New Flock

  1. I absolutely love this. I believe God has a plan and he will guide us always. Stay with him and always pray, multiple times a day, to be sure He is guiding you in what you need and where your going.
    Stopping by from

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