Decluttering Room by Room: Living Room, Kid’s Toys

I’ve finally done it. I snapped.

I stepped on the last block, action figure, hot wheels car, etc.

I have heard the last irritating jingle!

I went to the garage and I got a box. And I’m currently filling it with all of the toys that drive me nuts. In fact, that’s what it’s labeled- “Toys that drive me NUTS!”

I’m not chucking my kids play things into a burn pile on the front lawn. C’mon, give me some credit. What I am doing is saving my sanity (and feet) by removing some of the over-stimulating, loud, obnoxious toys from the toy rotation and reducing the amount of clutter and eye sores in the house.

Today’s room focus is the living room/ family room. This is what it looked like this morning:

And this is what it looks like now (for a while…)

Part of decluttering is a change of mindset; the conscious effort has to be made to put things in a proper place rather than “wherever”. The mindset that stacks and hoards cluttery junk in various hot spots has to be stopped and retrained and disciplined to be organizational and ordered.

I’m not a very self-disciplined person. It is a great effort for me to be organized at all. In fact, if I’m not what some people call anal retentive, everything descends into total chaos. I do not have an in-between. That’s why I chose the Bullet Journal to condense my calendars and that’s why I have a Command Center in our office space (which has actually been operational for the past 6 years and going strong).

The catch is getting my family on board with the changes I’m attempting to make. Clutter inevitably happens in a house full of Littles (that’s what hip moms call children my kids’ ages). But the end goal is a systematic rediscipline that ultimately leads to more peace and beauty in our home.

I want my home to reflect my values and my faith. I want the character of God to be seen in every aspect of my life, including my homemaking, house keeping, child rearing, etc.

I’ve had this conviction for some time now and now that I’m no longer pregnant and fatigued, I thought it aligned nicely with the Lenten season and spring cleaning. So that is my goal; for my home to reflect the order, beauty, and peace of my God.

I will continue this series of posts as I declutter room by room, focusing on one hot spot at a time until hopefully, the entire house is ordered and tidy and hopefully more calm, welcoming, and beautiful.

Wagers on how long that will take me?

3 thoughts on “Decluttering Room by Room: Living Room, Kid’s Toys

  1. OH, this post is so closed to my heart! I have been fighting with clutter since I remember… Ony to have more and more clutter… Last year, I was moving and my stress was massive due to the amount of stuff my family had accumulated. So, I bought this book and it saved my sanity:
    BTW, when my son was very young, we had a system of rotating toys, i.e. he had access only to around one-third of his all toys at a given time and when we noticed that he got bored, we would replace some of them. Worked beautifully – every time he thought he got brand new toys, lol, and we never had piles of annoying toys all around.
    Best of luck!!

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