A Nap time DIY

I’m one of those people who can’t make themselves rest. I haven’t slept more than 2 consecutive hours at a time in the last three days, and still I chose a 2 mile run over a nap yesterday afternoon.

Today, convinced of my need for a nap… I started building things instead. I’m a mess.

The worst part about my brand of ADHD is that I hyper-focus on distractions. If I set out to wash the dishes and find that there are no clean dish towels, I wash all the laundry in the county. Still productive, but not in what actually needed to be accomplished.

So today, as I was preparing to wash dishes and take a nap, I got overwhelmed by the piles of shoes in the floor and stacks of books on the kitchen table.

So, this is what I did during the kids’ nap today:

I cut some scrap wood and sanded the rough edges. It was really weathered and rough looking, so I worked with the wonky pieces that I thought added character to the overall idea in my mind: a shoe rack/ “dumping ground” that still sorta looks pleasant.

I dry-brush painted it with some left over paint I already had to add to the weathered look and tie it in to the white trim on the door.

And there it is!

Now I have 999 things remaining on my DIY/ home improvement to do list.

One thought on “A Nap time DIY

  1. I am EXACTLY this kind of person, who gets horribly distracted and whose to do list grows and grows in spite of the constant state of busy-ness and do-iness. I hoped it would get better with age but I am 43 and it’s worse than ever. Sadly, I am not manually skilled and cannot produce beauties like your shelf as a byproduct.


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