Not How I Wanted to Spend my Day…

We finished some of the outside work (halfway is our specialty) and set our sights on the basement.

We planned to gut the room that saw damage after the pipes burst earlier this spring and get started on renovations to move our school room and laundry room downstairs…

Let me preface this by saying we don’t go downstairs more than maybe once a month.

So we get through all the cobwebs on the staircase and this is what we saw…

That was actually after I brought the shop vac and plunger down to try to clean up a bit…

Not how I wanted the day to go. In fact, I have no idea how we are going to afford to fix whatever causes this colossal mess, let alone renovate after.

Anyway, I turned off the water to the toilet, called our insurance company to get a claim started (and find out if our policy covers toilet volcano)

… and then shop-vac’ed what water I could…

Someone is supposed to come out tomorrow to look at it and determine what needs fixed and if it’s covered under our homeowners insurance.

If it’s not… Then I don’t know. God will provide. But I wanted to share this not as a weepy, oh feel bad for all our problems, story. I wanted to share it because 1) someone has to find this relatable. 2) it was just too good a spiritual metaphor to let pass by.

God will take care of you.

I mean, especially as of late, it’s been one thing after another in my family. And I’m told that’s what happens when Satan can’t shake your faith, he goes after every possible weakness he can find. He’ll attack your health, finances, family, marriage, any and everything to draw you away from the Lord. But I will not be shaken.

What happens when life volcanoes…poo… All over your life? You pray.

You cry.

You get the shop vac and the bleach

And then you pray some more.

And you cling to God.

Because poop exploding out of a basement toilet is miniscule in the scheme of eternity.
I trust God will provide for us and we’ll be able to make the necessary repairs. I don’t see how, but thank God, we didn’t have any damage reported to our coastal North Carolina home after Florence! None!…yet.

But again, we had a little extra cash stored away… thank you, God for Your provision! It’s just that 1) we don’t know if it’s enough for what needs done, and 2) we just hoped to do something, anything, other than poo purgation with it.

Such is life, I suppose.

When life’s toilet craps all over your plans (and basement), reach for the TP, and stand firm.

…or you know, some other clever poop metaphor.💩

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