Operation Poo-Purgation: Phase 1

Operation Poo-Purgation is underway!

We had the plumbers out on Tuesday. They determined there was not a blockage in the drains (thank goodness, and miraculously so with toddlers who love to flush random things…) But, that meant our septic tank was full and in need of pumping.

The first major task at hand was location of the tank and lines.

After having called our county records department about it, we found… nothing. They had no record on our septic tank location. Wonderful!

So that meant one of two things:

1) we have a septic service find it manually, with a probe.

2) we have a septic service find it using a fiber optic camera…which is outrageously expensive.

I had lost much hope of avoiding the costs of the fiber optic camera, when the man driving the pump truck pulled in.

He recognized the house when he saw it as having belonged to his friend’s mom! He asked me if it was her place and I said, YES! IT WAS!

He then proceeded to walk directly to the location of the tank, and said “It’s right here, 6 feet deep.”

Sure enough, the man with backhoe was able to find it exactly where they thought it was.

Hooray for small towns and everybody knowing each other.

So since my 3 year old loves all things construction or heavy equipment, we got ourselves some trail mix and watched as they started digging to uncover our uncommonly deep tank.

Lots of women I’m sure would be upset about the front yard being dug up. Not this gal!

First off, I’m stoked we avoided the massive camera fee. Second, I had not done anything with the asthetic front landscaping yet, and that ended up working out in my favor as I would’ve had to redo it all. Thirdly, I’m just thankful it wasn’t in our neighbor’s yard like our water meter is, or under our garden!

Phase two will be when the clean up crew comes to clean out and repair the damage from the water over flow.

Boy am I glad my husband insisted we not begin storing things in the basement yet. I would have lost all my Christmas decorations to poo water!

2 thoughts on “Operation Poo-Purgation: Phase 1

  1. Thank goodness it was just the tank being full! Ours was full last year and had to not only be pumped, but replaced! Though our toilet didn’t explode like yours, the ‘stuff’ leaked out and into the ground making the back yard smell terrible! Glad it all worked out for you and happy to hear the man remembered your house and knew where the tank was!

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    1. Oh man, that is terrible! I was watching them dig out our tank and I was thinking man, this is taking forever! But my father in law kindly pointed out that I did Not want that little concrete box broken. 😉

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