Operation Poo Purgation: Phase 2

Well, the septic tank was pumped yesterday. Hooray!

While it desperately needed to be done, it did not completely solve the issue, and we still have poo sludge coming up from the basement commode.

So, we scheduled a plumber to come and snake the drain. Originally it was looking like it would be 2 days before he could make it out, but I got a call this morning asking if it would be alright for him to come this afternoon. Yes!! Please! The sooner the better- I don’t like my partially finished basement being a sewage swamp!

So, that’s happening this afternoon.

Then tomorrow, the clean up people are coming in to un-poo the area, after which point we will set up our new 70 gallon dehumidifier and get it all dried out so we can commence with the remodeling.

So it’s a slow process, but we’re making steady progress.

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