Operation Poo-Purgation: Phase 3

Today is clean up day.

Yesterday the plumber came out to remove the obstruction from the drain… He found:

A pair of toddler underpants

A wash cloth

And a dog collar, complete with tags. (We had been wondering where that got to after Cyd’s bath)

So… After about $1600 in damages and clean up, I was a bit perturbed with my toddler.

Children are a lot like those sour patch kids commercials: sour, sweet, gone.

So while I think the flushing of at least the dog collar (which he confessed to) merits some form of discipline (we decided on no screen time for a couple days), I can’t help but roll my eyes at the whole ordeal, and see a lesson in it. We treat God the same way.

God has plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11) and frequently, we do stupid things that carry consequences. While we cannot derail God’s will, (Romans 16:20) we can do things that cause distractions and delays, and detours. Take for example the Israelites leaving Egypt. The whole exodus should have taken a few weeks took them 40 years! (Exodus 13:16-17)

I had plans for our financial surplus. In fact, it was plans to do things for my children’s benefit. But then my son goes on a random flushing spree and now those plans are delayed because of the consequences of having to pay for the repairs.

God promises us to work all things for our good (Romans 8:28) but so often, we’re blinded by what seems fun or interesting at the moment and we trade His best for our pleasure. God can and does redeem our mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we’re always spared the consequences of our actions (Deuteronomy 1:37).

In spite of all that, God still loves us unconditionally. As Christians, when we repent of our sin, God welcomes us back with open arms, like a loving Father to His child. And that’s exactly how I felt towards my son; frustrated by the things I wanted for him instead of this whole septic ordeal.

In spite of everything, I see him as the little boy he is; dangerously curious and strong willed. But also, incredibly sweet, with great potential and a trajectory toward godliness (and goofiness, which may or may not be hereditary). And then, like the sour patch kids, he’ll be gone. So, I’m going to love him while I’ve got him and try to show him the love of his Heavenly Father.

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