Hearing God’s Voice

We’ve been getting to work getting our new garden area (formerly known as our chicken run) cleared out and ready for cultivation. That means we’ve done a lot of cutting back brambles, mowing down noxious weeds and honeysuckle vines, and cleaning up old chicken wire.

Because lumber is so expensive right now, and so many other materials as well, we’ve been borrowing from the old coop and run for other projects after the chickens took up residence in the hoop coop beside the goat barn. With the roofing panels, we put an awning over our rabbits

And we built the hayloft in the barn from the sawn off 4x4s

So in one sense, it hasn’t been a waste, because we’ve been able to utilize it’s “leftovers” even though it wasn’t serving us well as a secure coop and chicken run.

It was as I was clearing out chicken wire and berry canes that I heard God speak yesterday afternoon. As I moved back layers of thorny canes, I kept finding little bits of green that had self seeded in the soil. The first couple things were elderberry shoots, which I’ve been asking for more of. The second thing I pulled up actually ended up being a sturdy little shoot that when I uprooted, I saw it springing right out of the seed still attached; it was a baby ALMOND TREE! What a gift! Idk if you’ve seen the cost of nut trees lately. So I moved, rooted, and repotted it along with the elderberry shoots

Rooted/potted elderberry
Almond sapling

And after I’d tossed the thorns in the burn pile, I randomly (actually, providentially) walked down to see what the terrace garden beds looked like. We’re shifting their usage into growing things more like beans and peas, or big crops we don’t have a lot of space for in the run garden. I was just looking at all the pervasive weeds and dreading pulling them up when I heard God remind me that it was a plant he’d shown me last year: Carolina Geranium. I vaguely remembered that it had styptic properties and is the culprit responsible for those nasty stick like burrs that stick in the dog’s fur in the fall. So I looked around at my veritable crop of Carolina Geranium, and then decided to go back to the house to look it up in my herbal medicinals book, to get a handle on how to harvest and use this seemingly random gift.

After dinner, while I got the kids ready for bed, my husband went to put the goats in the barn for the night. When he came back in, he told me I needed to come out and look at Luna, our pregnant British Guernsey doe, due to kid somewhere between 4/24-5/10. So I went out, and she had been having some bleeding, which, as a pregnant woman, I immediately thought, “uh oh, not good.” But then came the part where we had to determine what to do, and how we would respond worst case scenario. So, I checked to see if she was currently bleeding, she was not. Then I checked to see if the kid(s) was still moving, and it(they) was. So my next step was to check her for signs of anemia, toxemia, general lethargy-  because she’d been eating well all day- and everything looked good. So, I left her and carried on with the rest of the barn chores for the evening. And as I was carrying water to the chickens, I just prayed, “God, how do I help Luna’s bleeding? She’s a very important asset to our family, and I don’t want to lose her babies, but I especially don’t want to lose her; please help!” And I heard so clearly in the Spirit, “Didn’t I just show you an abundance of plants that staunch bleeding and heal tissues?” And I thought, “…OH, DUH!!! YES! YOU DID!!! THANK YOU, LORD!”So I went down to get Luna some Carolina geranium and some comfrey to eat, and she devoured it ravenously, as if she knew she needed it. She doesn’t  usually touch it because of the high tannic acid content. When I offered her more this morning, she refused it.

Isn’t it amazing also the color of the plant and the shape of the leaves, that it actually resembles what it’s function is? The leaves are reddish around the base of the plant, and the edges of the leaves, but the red stops in the highest leaves- indicating it as a blood-stopper? Or the shape of the leaves resembling blood vessels?

Blood vessels and arteries

So that was an amazing and miraculous provision of God’s wisdom. But get this- when my husband asked me what I did for Luna and why, as I was pouring over farm and stable herbal health book, as well as ruminating over the advice my mentor gave me, I said, I can’t really do anything else for her except wait and see and I already intuitively gave her what the book recommended.” Wait- intuitively? No I did not! I intuitively called on God to help, but HE gave me the wisdom to act. Am I really that proud and selfish that I can’t just give God the glory?? So I did. I told my husband how actually, I didn’t do anything intuitively, except pray. And God had gotten my attention earlier in the garden and pointed out an abundance of plants in the terrace garden that serve the purpose of stopping bleeding and drying tissues. So, really, it’s the Lord who deserves all the kudos.

Even when I am able to hear God’s voice and Even when I am clearly hearing and receiving God’s guidance, I still have the selfish inclination to take all the credit for His work! And now that I’m aware of it, I’m making the extra effort to praise the Lord, for His work. “So give Him the glory, great things He hath done!”…not “me hath done”. So now I’m waiting and praying that everything is ok with miss Luna goat, and I’m following the herbal protocol and I plan on separating her from Honey, as Honey is pretty intensely aggressive with her. So just to be safe, and keep any excess roughness at bay, I’m following my mentor’s advice to have Luna in her own little sanctuary until she kids out.

One thought on “Hearing God’s Voice

  1. Great read, some synchronicities here with my own life! I recently just found a couple of almond saplings growing well in my compost. Also, I’ve been looking to get some elderberry planted. Finally, I’ve been praying to God for wisdom recently due to some family difficulties, I listened and received it. We do indeed need to spend more time listening to the Lord’s voice!

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