Here is a list of my favorite meal planning resources! For more on how I meal plan, check out my series (coming soon).

Favorite Websites:


Paleo Leap is my favorite source for awesome gluten-free, paleo (and even Keto) recipes. You can try one of their membership plans free for 7 days, OR simply reference their indexed recipes for free!

Try Prep Dish free for 2 weeks of free exhaustive meal plans! This website curates recipes, grocery lists, and prep-ahead instructions for ultimate hassle-free meal planning! Custom tailor your menu based on dietary restrictions and personal preferences!


Pamela’s has been a life-saver in “normalizing” my weirdo gluten-free diet, especially for the kiddos. Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls, pancakes, or fresh baked bread every so often? I used to use the baking and pancake mix for everything, but with the advent of my son’s potato allergy, I had to switch to the bread flour mix. I use it as a 1:1 replacement of all purpose flour. Of course, you can always grind your own nuts, grains, and mix your own flour blends, but who has time for that!? Not this mama.

Favorite Cook Books:

Gluten-Free Bible: A comprehensive guide to cooking delicious gluten-free meals

This was my first ever gluten-free cookbook, and made up the foundational recipes of my monthly menu rotation. It offers comprehensive information as to what exactly gluten is, substitutions for baking, and many other helpful tools for mastering gluten-free cooking. Fun fact: The pecan catfish with cranberry compote (p.146) is a favorite of ours; I love hearing my 2 year old daughter say the word, “compote.” It’s adorable.

Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book

I have the 15th edition of this one, but it remains a favorite, given to me by my Mother-in-law. I love the “make-it-mine” recipes which allow you to take a basic dish, like pot roast, start with the basic ingredients, and then choose your favorites from numerous combinations of cooking liquid, liquid seasoning, dried herb, potatoes, veggies, and then gives basic instructions. Our favorite combination is beef chuck roast slow-cooked in cranberry juice, with Worcestershire sauce, Italian seasoning, with sweet potatoes,  and leeks. YUM!

The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook: The best of traditional and contemporary Irish cooking

I snagged this one at a Barnes & Noble when we were stationed in North Carolina. I whip out this puppy every year for “Irish Week” and tweak ingredients as needed to suit our various dietary restrictions. I have made a GF version of the Irish soda bread recipes and it always turns out fantastically! It has the recipe for your traditional corned beef and cabbage, but our family favorites also include: Dublin Coddle, Dublin Lawyer, Irish Rarebit, Smoked Salmon, Dill, & Horseradish Tartlets, Beef in Stout with herb dumplings, and slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with herb dumplings. SO many good recipes, and I’ve tried at least 90% of them. I highly recommend this one! The photography is simply stunning, and the food is well worth the investment in this particular book.