The Importance of Testimony

There are certain things that are important in the life of Christians and among them is testimony- stories of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

This is super important for a few reasons:

1.) Helps us remember God is on His heavenly throne and is an act of worship to God (Exodus 14:31-15:18)

2.) Keeps us focused on Jesus and convicts us when we stray (Hebrews 12:1-2; Galatians 6:1-3)

3.) Encourages us in our faith walk (Hebrews 10:23-25)

4.) Reminds us where we’ve been, and where we’re headed (Ephesians 4:15-16; John 14:2)

So I thought I would share a testimony of mine with all of you for the mutual edification and encouragement of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

When I was 5 months pregnant, my husband and I had to move when he finished his period of active service with the Marine Corps. The plan was for us both to attend college. It wasn’t long after we moved that we realized that only one of us could go to school, because we depended on the full-time income of the other… Because he had the post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for his school and my education would have sunk us nearly $60,000 in debt, I chose to work full time while my husband finished school. This was made difficult in that when we moved, neither of us had jobs to go to. We prayed on it, and God answered our prayers. We were unemployed for about 3 weeks and then an acquaintance of mine from high school ended up connecting my husband to a job at the University, and I found a job at a day care center via posting on the outside of the building I happened to drive by on a daily basis. The income wasn’t much- actually, let me rephrase that- the income was negligible… so much so, that the mortgage company processing our application for a loan on the house which we were granted early occupancy for in December when we moved failed to acknowledge the income we were bringing in for various reasons. 4 months passed since our move and job, and we had still not been able to close on our home. After having to get my in-laws to co-sign, we missed our deadline for closing by one business day because of one sheet of paper from the IRS we were still waiting for, even though my husband and I had otherwise upheld our end of the contract. No house. That was on a Friday. My husband and I (now 9 months pregnant) were forced to vacate the house by the following Monday. We had no home, no where to go, no money to move again because our mortgage failure had cost us our earnest money (which was all of our savings) and we had been using borrowed money from family to pay some of our bills. I remember my husband and I bursting in to tears while we were sitting in the car outside the bank, closing money in hand, just weeping and thanking God for his faithfulness, but also unsure of our future. The whole process had become such a burden for my husband and I we were honestly relieved to be done with it. A “No” is a concrete answer, at least we could carry on with our lives now with a little less uncertainty. We prayed. and prayed. and prayed. We prayed not that God would fix our problem, but that we would remain faithful and depend on Him because we knew that He had promised to provide and we believed He would be faithful to do so, no matter what our current circumstances. We drove around town looking for cheap rentals and homes for sale- none in our price range would have been decent neighborhoods for our son to grow up in. We called our pastor when we got home that night and he prayed with my husband.

Not knowing where we were going to go, we just started packing up our stuff. Most of our clothing was still in boxes, as if deep down, some part of us knew we would have to move it again. That next Saturday morning, our preacher’s wife came over with a slew of people from church to help us pack up our house. I was in such a hazy blur… my primary focus was staying healthy for my baby, who was due at the end of the week. I kept trying to help people pack the house and just being told to sit, and rest, and to just delegate. I’m not good at task delegation; I’d much rather do it myself. But what a humbling experience for people who had only known my husband and I for about 2-3 months to be the love of Christ to us in our time of desperate need. Through a series of connections, we were able to find a rental home owned by a church member, and she basically let us name our price. We told her the amount we could afford each month, and she gave us the keys. Amen, Thank you Lord Jesus!

By 1:00pm on that Saturday, we had a place to live. We started driving our stuff over in the trucks and cars of all our friends from church. We got the last of it inside on Sunday Afternoon, but our water was not turned on. I was still working full time at this point so we could scratch by, so my employers let me take afternoons off in order to get things like setting up the electric and water services and purchasing a refrigerator for the rental house done. In all, I think we were given about $500 from our church, friends, family, and my bosses. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the love and care and support of my community. Until our water was turned on, we stayed at the house of a church member and enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

My water broke on that next Wednesday night about 11:30pm, I had a prenatal appointment at 8:00am Thursday morning, my due date, and labor began. Total, I labored 32 hours, 24 of which were at the birthing center before I had to transfer to the hospital because of certain policies they had in place. My in-laws made it to town in time for the birth of our son, their first grandson at 9:11 Friday morning. That Saturday evening, a week after having moved, I spent my first night in our new house with a new beautiful baby boy.

I had food to eat, I had a roof over my head, I had a supportive and loving husband, and I had a healthy child. God certainly hears our prayers, and he certainly answers them. My husband and I didn’t allow our circumstances to determine our faith. We always worshipped, we always praised, and we always prayed. We knew that God would take care of us, because the Bible says he will. God’s word is truth, and God’s word is final. Praise God for his unchanging and steadfast nature. It’s by the Lord Jesus Christ that my family and I are sustained. Now, and forever, let Jesus’ name be praised! Amen!

One thought on “The Importance of Testimony

  1. Amen!! Hallelujah to the only true and faithful God. Thank you for testifying to His glory. People need to hear of His miraculous works in the life of His children. I pray that your faith in Him will never diminish, and He will continue to work wonders in your life in Jesus name. Amen.


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