Functional vs. Ornamental Landscaping

When my husband was in the Marine Corps, we bought a house in a cul-de-sac to avoid rent gouging and sketchy neighborhoods, and the outrageously long waiting list (2 years!) for on-base housing. When we bought it, we purchased by owner and the previous homeowners had put time and effort into landscaping it to give … Continue reading Functional vs. Ornamental Landscaping

Organization, Shmorganization

I like to consider myself educated with high minded ideals. One of those ideals is organization in my home. Unfortunately, at this point it's only an ideal and not my reality. I have bits of organizational success here and there, but as a general rule (in the last 3 months anyway) my life has been … Continue reading Organization, Shmorganization

Adventures in Interior Design

I was a theatre major in college... As such, I studied not only acting and music performance, but also scenic design and set construction. I walked away with a degree that has gotten me precisely 0 jobs in that field, and a host of practical knowledge in the realm of set building, painting, design and … Continue reading Adventures in Interior Design