Adventures in Interior Design

I was a theatre major in college... As such, I studied not only acting and music performance, but also scenic design and set construction. I walked away with a degree that has gotten me precisely 0 jobs in that field, and a host of practical knowledge in the realm of set building, painting, design and … Continue reading Adventures in Interior Design

Back to Eden Garden Preparation

I'm a huge proponent of Back to Eden Gardening. 1) It works 2) I don't own a tiller, so amending the soil without tilling is a time and money saver 3) It is low maintenance, long term 4) It's higher yield than your typical row gardening, and higher nutrition in your produce 5) It doesn't … Continue reading Back to Eden Garden Preparation

Freedom Envy

This post makes me a bad person... Fortunately I have a good friend who pulled me back into reality. I woke up this morning for the third time around 6:00AM... not for another pregnancy bathroom break, but because my son was awake. As we are still in our temporary living situation, I opted to console … Continue reading Freedom Envy

My Firm Foundation

"Jesus you're my firm foundation. I know I can stand secure. Jesus, you're my firm foundation. I put my trust in Your Holy Word..." We're almost through this trial of temporary homelessness. We signed the papers for closing Friday! We have our homestead! I walked the property with my son yesterday and my eyes welled … Continue reading My Firm Foundation


Crashing in our worship pastor's basement isn't exactly my ideal living situation. It's been over a week and we still have no concrete timeline pertaining to our occupancy/closing on our new place. We are in between homes; wanderers, strangers, nomads. Like the Romani people (minus the fortune telling) who lived as wanderers making a living … Continue reading Gypsies