Hot Off The Press: Homeschooling Planner!

It’s finished, friends!!

Wow, what a project. After months of trial and error, and more trial, and still more error, our Homeschooling Planner is finally ready!

I’ve extended pre-orders through the month of May!

This tool is so awesome in so many ways. My favorite things have got to be the flexible structure of each element. The disc binding allows for complete customization! The discs and cover are super durable, and water proof (read, coffee proof). I also really love the monthly tab dividers to easily flip forward or backwards to the appropriate month section as you need it. Prefer to start in September rather than July? No problem! Just click the sections in the order you want them! And the fact that each month is a fun new color palate keeps things fun and interesting, to hopefully keep you inspired in your homeschooling journey all year long.

And speaking of inspiration, the root- nay the heart of this project and my personal favorite part is the integration of a year-long Bible reading plan that will allow you to read through the Old and New Testament in a year! Not only that, but there are multiple Scriptures printed throughout the planner that are pulled directly from the month’s reading. That way you encounter God’s Word from multiple passages in multiple places each day, enabling you to more easily memorize Bible verses, hiding God’s Word in your heart. I find it so important to remember the primary reason I chose to homeschool was so that I could disciple my children, and take responsibility for educating and training them in righteousness. As a homeschool mom of 5, it’s crucial that I am feeding daily upon the Word, and keeping my priorities aligned with my faith.

The other thing I really like are the specific planning elements included. It all begins with the family schedule/time table at the beginning, and attendance trackers. Then, if it “touches” homeschooling at all, it’s in there. Field trips? Plan ’em! Read Alouds? Plan ’em! Meals? Plan ’em! Fun learning projects? Plan ’em! Along with monthly objectives (goals) and month-end benchmarks (where you planned to end up as compared to where you did end up) help to give you a solid grasp of the pace of your students’ learning and progression through curriculum. This ultimately leads to knowing what and how much curriculum to purchase in the future, and allows for easy course correction as soon as you notice issues crop up. In every month there is a monthly reflection section that allows you to be able to easily flip back and complete the “Homeschooling Year in Review” section to hit the high points and evaluate your progress in the “What Went Well/ What Needs Work” section.

I believe this tool is a critical one to have in your homeschooling arsenal to help you (especially new homeschoolers) find your groove and specific homeschooling rhythms that work for your family and alleviate stress by having clear goals, plans, and structured outlines for how you plan to achieve your homeschooling goals, while allowing for personal flexibility in each section.

You can pre-order the print version, which is a physical product which will be shipped to you on our website, here!

Or- you can also order the digital version and print it at home with as many or as few of the pages as you’d like! Digital orders will be emailed to you beginning May 1st! The files will be in a zip folder which you will then unzip and download. (Digital Version does not include colorful monthly tabs).

Thanks for sticking around with me this long!

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