Homestead Updates: Freebies and Waiting with Grace

Well, we’ve finally seen the emergence of the first of the spring flowers! The daffodils have come and gone, and the forsythia are in full bloom. Redbuds are peeping out, and the leaves of iris, tulip, and (my favorite) peony are pushing through!

We’re in for some cooler weather this week, and a bit of rain, so much of my time is focused indoors on seeding our plant starts using our awesome new soil blocker (if you don’t have one, you need to invest in one yesterday.)

My husband and I are in a bit of a waiting season. Again. I’m learning to do so with more optimism. Being a realist is hard, because what we see are the hard facts. We know what we would like to happen, and we see life in terms of percentage likelihood of that idealism actually manifesting. This tends to get us labeled as pessimists many times, because in looking at the big picture, we assume that we’re wrong, and look for the first signs of mistake in order to course correct asap. That is actually a principle of holistic management that I learned recently, and found interesting when applied to land management.

As such, I’ve had a manuscript I’ve been tossing around for a couple of years that actually got tabled a while back because I was caught in a place between not having the time or brain space to work on it, and the fact that publishers were not interested at the time… Well, now that I have effectively 10,000 irons in the fire, guess who’s asked for an author introduction call? My would-be publisher. I am beyond excited at the prospect, but somehow, it does not seem like the best time to be throwing myself into writing and editing, when there is so much else on my plate. I’m praying about it. I cannot fathom a more inopportune time. I’m going to filter everything through my beginning of the year goals though, so it may be that I take the call, and decide, “You know what, I’ve dreamed about being a published author, but now just isn’t the right time.” In fact, that’s where I’m currently leaning. But none the less, the endless darkness of rejected book proposals has finally broken! There is hope! Publishers are interested! Someday.

My children and I are working through Clay Clarkson’s Our 24 Family Ways and #12 has to do with generosity. I have found in my own life that being generous helps to get me out of my own head, and gives me greater bandwidth to think of others. In seeking to share freely with others, I open my eyes to the needs and desires of other people and look for opportunities to meet them. There are a lot of things I can’t do- I’m a realist, remember? But I can pray for you when you’re down. I can share my words, I can share my work, and I can share the love of Christ.

So because I’m striving for greater generosity, I’m sharing with all of you a PDF download of a sample of our Homeschooling Planner for the month of April!

I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together. I am still waiting on some materials from certain suppliers before I can begin assembling the printed planners (still technically on schedule) and preorders for printed disc bound versions will close on March 31st! So if you’d like a printed disc bound version with monthly divider tabs, make sure to take advantage of the pre-order here. All preorders include free shipping!

And meanwhile, we wait, we pray, and we serve!

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