It Is Well From the outside of our situation, one would think it is horrible. And that's understandable. I have a hard time making sense of things myself- we pay all our bills, my husband has a good job, we pray over every decision before we act, and yet somehow, in spite of all those things, we … Continue reading It Is Well

Anything But That…

Ugh...So rough couple weeks topped off with a sick toddler. Last night after I emailed my Bible study small group to cancel on account of my feverish little man, I got a call from a friend. She started off with an apology, which is never a good sign. She went on to say that her … Continue reading Anything But That…


We received some good news after about two weeks worth of trials; the offer we made on the new house was accepted! Praise God for that answered prayer. To celebrate, my husband brought home surprise Jones Soda and natural vanilla bean ice cream. I hugged him and cried for minutes solid because, doggone it, that … Continue reading Home

My Tapdancing Batman is Sick

I have a chore schedule/list that I progress through each week. According to that list, yesterday was living rooms and bedrooms day... no progress was made. My little dude woke up with a low grade fever that spiked around noon. So, having accepted that nothing was going to get completed, I resigned myself to Chief … Continue reading My Tapdancing Batman is Sick

Thy Will Be Done

I heard a song by Hilary Scott called, "Thy Will". I don't think there has ever been a time when it could have resonated with me more than right now. My family and I are obligated to vacate our home in 23 days. If everything goes smoothly with our impending purchase contract, our closing will … Continue reading Thy Will Be Done