How I Clean Cast Iron 

Everyone I've ever spoken to says, "NEVER CLEAN YOUR CAST IRON SKILLET!!"  What they actually mean is don't wash your cast iron with soap and water, coarse brushes, or abrasive cleaners. The truth is, cast iron occasionally gets a bit dirty. Some may say that a cast iron skillet that is appropriately seasoned will never … Continue reading How I Clean Cast Iron 

Family Roles on the Homestead

The first draft of this post quickly turned in to me complaining, so it was discarded. What I actually intended to write was a break-down of the roles each family member plays in running the homestead. We'll start with Mom's tasks, in no particular order: Child rearing- keep kids healthy and safe, educate them, and … Continue reading Family Roles on the Homestead

Assembling the Hive

Our hive arrived! Almost a month ago. The awesome thing about homesteading family members is their experience and help. My father in law has had bees for several years and he and my husband assembled the hive together! It was a nice father/son moment to witness. Initially we were concerned that the various components of … Continue reading Assembling the Hive

How Do I Parent Peacefully?

The title isn't a clever segue into a vast outpouring of wisdom or sage advice. It's truly a question I have.  I've been watching videos on the philosophy of peaceful parenting, or rather, anti-spanking. They offer statistics showing how damaging the effects of spanking are on children along with the illogical cycle of aggression it … Continue reading How Do I Parent Peacefully?

THE Christmas Story

I was having a conversation with my husband and mother-in-law and we ended up on the subject of Christmas. She mentioned that she believed one of the younger ladies she works with is unfamiliar with the Bible, specifically the Christmas story. As a Christian, it's my responsibility to make sure people hear the message of … Continue reading THE Christmas Story


Holy over diagnosis, Batman! Every newborn has reflux? False. *DISCLAIMER* I speak only from my own experience, I am not attempting to solicit medical advice. Always consult a physician with your concerns regarding your baby's health. As a mom, nothing is more disturbing to see than your newborn projectile spitting up what appears to be … Continue reading Reflux

Homestead Project #2

Bees!!!! We ordered our first bee hive today. We did a ton of research before hand and decided to go with Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, Inc. over Kelley Beekeeping. Really, it came down to need and budget. Kelley has excellent quality products with endless customization options for your hive build. But, Draper's beginners kit included … Continue reading Homestead Project #2

Mom Life: The 2nd Kid

I get now why so many articles suggested spacing your children at least 4 years apart.Two kids in diapers at once is rough.  Dinner tonight took me two tries. Do you have any inkling of just how difficult it is to focus on making a decent béchamel sauce with two kids screaming? The baby spat … Continue reading Mom Life: The 2nd Kid