Hot Off The Press: Homeschooling Planner!

It's finished, friends!! Wow, what a project. After months of trial and error, and more trial, and still more error, our Homeschooling Planner is finally ready! I've extended pre-orders through the month of May! This tool is so awesome in so many ways. My favorite things have got to be the flexible structure of each … Continue reading Hot Off The Press: Homeschooling Planner!

Homestead Updates: Homesteaducation!

Homesteading and Home Education complement one another nicely. In fact, there have been a handful of curriculum creators/curators who have noticed this and sought to profit from the rich learning opportunities that homesteading provides. Many families would like for their children to have these types of life skills- cooking, food preservation, handicrafts, animal husbandry - … Continue reading Homestead Updates: Homesteaducation!

Homestead Updates: Freebies and Waiting with Grace

Well, we've finally seen the emergence of the first of the spring flowers! The daffodils have come and gone, and the forsythia are in full bloom. Redbuds are peeping out, and the leaves of iris, tulip, and (my favorite) peony are pushing through! We're in for some cooler weather this week, and a bit of … Continue reading Homestead Updates: Freebies and Waiting with Grace

My Passion Project: Homeschooling Planner

EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! That's my excited to announce sound. You're welcome for not recording it audibly. I am beyond excited to have finally made some progress in this passion project of mine that first became a twinkling of an inkling back in the summer of 2022. My prayer is that this planner becomes for you an indispensable … Continue reading My Passion Project: Homeschooling Planner

Homestead Update: Project Fridays

Hello all! I'm particularly filled with joy this Friday as I just got the entire family to help me deep clean the kitchen! The kitchen. The heart of the home, my sanctuary, my mission field. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Or kitchen adjacent. Our main room is one giant open space … Continue reading Homestead Update: Project Fridays

Happy Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday!

Support our family's small business and get a jumpstart on preparing yourself for next year's garden with our Homestead Management Binder OR Garden Management Notebook. Both are useful tools we use ourselves to plan out and organize our homestead and garden. Inside the Homestead Management Binder, you'll find: Monthly calendars Weekly planner/to-dos Project planner with … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday!