Homestead Mini-update

I'm cutting back to the bare essentials! Here's the condensed version of what is happening with us in this season. We have a baby due in 15 more weeks, which means (based on history/experience) we have a baby coming in 12 weeks. I've been struggling through some depression and anxiety, some of it warranted, some … Continue reading Homestead Mini-update

Adventures in RSS: How to follow us at

I am by no means tech savvy. In highschool, I took a couple intro to business classes and online graphics design and marketing classes and was decent at it. But the technical side of things makes me a little stymied. That said, getting our new website up and running has been a learning experience for … Continue reading Adventures in RSS: How to follow us at

Thoughts on a Season of Floundering

This is and has been a weird and floundering season for our family. By floundering, I mean metaphorically flopping about in everything we're doing, trying to gain sure footing and stability. These seasons, so I'm told, come and go. I have been blessed to see evidence of this abound recently as many of the voices … Continue reading Thoughts on a Season of Floundering

More Exciting News and a New Blog Post!

I have spent my extra time working on getting the new website up and running. I am pleased to announce that the Shaggy Maple Homestead shop is now LIVE! I have currently one (yes, you read that correctly) listing available for purchase, and that is our peppermint tea! It's fabulous if you haven't tried it … Continue reading More Exciting News and a New Blog Post!

Homestead Update: Big Changes!

I have been praying for a long time about what I'm about to share, and it finally seems the time to move forward with it. We're moving!!! The blog, that is. It is with mixed emotions I announce that I am stepping away from both Etsy, and WordPress as platforms. I have hosted 1-2 blogs … Continue reading Homestead Update: Big Changes!