Back to Eden Garden Update #3

The garden is still going strong. Last week I pulled out the peas for seed next spring, and they're continuing to dry inside. I let them dry on the vines, but with all the rain we were getting, I didn't want them to mold, as some were beginning to. I also pulled and dried some … Continue reading Back to Eden Garden Update #3


A Wacky Week in Review

I am exhausted. Just plain ol' tired. I did get a lot done this week, but not without some ridiculous misadventures along the way. Went grocery shopping and my daughter decided to poop all over me while in the Moby wrap. I pressed on and finished the grocery trip, and then my son had a … Continue reading A Wacky Week in Review

Mastering a Skill

My newest interest is quilting. I've been making a concentrated effort to learn and master new life-skills that will be beneficial to us on the homestead and that are being lost or dying within my millennial generation. I have enjoyed sewing since I was maybe 7 years old and my grandma gave me a small … Continue reading Mastering a Skill