Long time, no blog. I thought it was time for a WHL update.

First things first, I’m unexpectedly expecting…again… Just when I convince my self that one toddler is enough to keep me on my toes, God once again finds a way to keep me humble and remind me that even though my plans were going another direction, He is still sovereign. My oldest will be a year old at the end of April, and come this Fall, we’ll have another little one contributing to my insanity and mounds of dirty laundry. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier. There is much less fear the 2nd time around, and at the same time, there’s almost more fear of a different kind. Will the postpartum recovery be as difficult as it was the first time? Will my oldest feel ignored or abandoned? Will we be able to hack it financially? What about the current condition of society- is this the world I want to bring a child into? And my answer to all of those questions is  this: Christ is King. It doesn’t matter what happens, because I know to whom I’ve entrusted my very soul, and I believe He is able to keep His promises. Not that I think life will be easy because I’m a Christian, quite the opposite in fact. The Bible assures me that I will inevitably face more hardship and difficulty the more different and sanctified I become from the world around me. But I have the peace that passes understanding because I know Who holds my future. Amen, Come Lord Jesus!!

In other news, it’s about time for another Angora wool harvest. Mags is getting pretty outrageously fluffy.

I currently have 3 batches of ACV getting happy in my kitchen and they should be ready in another few weeks.

Also, I have some semi-homemade soap curing that should be ready at the end of this week. And SURPRISE! I will be sending some to a lucky reader out there. More on that later.

I have a beautiful lawn full of dandelions so I’ll post later this week or next on the healing power of this highly underrated weed (I prefer to call it an herb) and share with you some of the ways I process and use it.

I’ve passed my yoga RYT-200 test, and will be graduating Sunday. I still have several hours to make up from missing classes due to family obligations, inclimate weather, and church services before I can register with the yoga alliance, but it will all come together eventually. In the mean time, I’m enjoying teaching a small group class at a local gym.

I am very full; that is to say, I have so many wonderful and new things headed my way, I haven’t truly processed them all. So I’m just taking this time to bask in all God’s blessings and praying that He extends me the grace I need daily to manage my household and not just maintain, but actually grow deeper in my faith walk and be more and more sanctified each day.




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