Assembling the Hive

Our hive arrived! Almost a month ago.

The awesome thing about homesteading family members is their experience and help. My father in law has had bees for several years and he and my husband assembled the hive together!

It was a nice father/son moment to witness.

Initially we were concerned that the various components of the hive didn’t quite fit together, but those concerns were unfounded. It took a while, but it went together fairly quickly.

The assembly instructions were very general and slightly vague. They weren’t included in the box with the hive parts either, we had to pull it up online. 

The frames are not assembled, but the rest of the hive is. We have also yet to put in the entrance reducer.

Here is what we have so far:

You’ll notice there aren’t any honey supers for the bees to store honey in. That’s partially because they were sold separately from the beginner kit we bought, which only included the brood box, and partially because we don’t need it yet because we don’t have the bees until spring. 

So, until that’s necessary, we’ll leave it as is in the garage.

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