My Workouts These Days

Before kids, I remember going on runs with my husband… Or rather, trailing behind my husband, huffing and puffing and trying not to roll my ankles, as he sprinted majestically ahead of me down the cracked and uneven sidewalks of our hometown. As far as pacing is concerned, my husband and I aren’t ideal running buddies. He’s a sprinter, I’m a slow and steady distance runner. That’s why I gravitated toward body weight/ resistance training and weight lifting. 

These days, I don’t get much time to sneak over to the gym or have the extra cash for memberships. Our heavy bag is also unassembled at the moment and we haven’t really got a place for the elliptical/home gym equipment yet. So, I’ve been totally working out like a mommy, taking advantage of all the cardio and lifting I can get.

I maxed out my “toddler press” today. I did 15 reps of my wiggly giggly 27lb little man. The wiggling added to the intensity as it took extra focus not to drop him on my face. Generally speaking, I find bench pressing a weighted bar to be way less difficult.

My boy has helped me strengthen my quads through resistance training by playing this game, whatever it is…apparently, he climbs my shins and then dramatically falls off while saying, “woah woah woah!!!”

All I know is that it’s even more exhausting, effective, and humorous than that machine at the gym.

I also hit a PR on my “paci squat” as baby girl just couldn’t seem to keep the dang thing in her mouth. I cheated myself out of the lower body workout when my son was in that stage because we got him one of those strappy clip thingies that tethers the pacifier to the child’s clothing.

Yeah! ^ this thing!

 Lesson learned- this stooping down to pick up her paci constantly is a much better workout.

I’ve also been getting plenty of cardio in. Chasing my son from one room to another keeps me moving, as does working outside hauling compost from the yard to the bin. 

I’ve been getting resistance training by grating Fels Naptha soap for my homemade laundry detergent. My upper arms are still sore from making the last batch.😫

In addition to active cardio, I’ve also been perfecting my mountain pose and overall stability by mindfully standing while washing dishes. My posture and alignment must be improving because I’ve noticed I’m developing a third eye on the back of my head that enables me to know exactly when my son is about to pour his milk on the dog. My yoga instructor who was Iyengar certified said if you can do mountain pose perfectly, you can do any other yoga pose. I’ll have to test that theory the next time I get a spare moment for a yoga sequence.
Only 10 more pounds to shed- no-  shred  before I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight. God knew what he was doing when he designed children. They’re both the cause of and solution to extra poundage. I say, well done.

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