Homemade Laundry Detergent

It’s laundry detergent making day.

I don’t actually set aside a day specifically for making laundry soap, I just happened to have run out. So… Time to make some more.

My recipe is simple and hypoallergenic, which my son and I require. My husband likes the scent so that’s a bonus.

Laundry soap ratios:

1 c Borax

1 c Washing soda

1 Bar Fels Naptha (grated)

  • Mix up the detergents and add 1/4c per load of laundry
  • Add to drum prior to wash, add clothes, wash as usual. (I have an HE front loading washer and this works fine for me.)
  • 2 cups of detergent should last 8 large loads
  • Can also be used as a presoak for super soiled loads (cloth diapers) add 1/4c and soak 30 minutes, wash as usual after.

I keep a grater specifically for soaps. I used to have a 2nd food processor but I gave it away. Food processors work great, and are much faster, but I wouldn’t recommend using the same one you use for food on soaps. Yuck.

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