Terracing, Burning, and Grooming

Busy day! We picked up our last two chicks at the co-op this morning- Black Cuckoo Marans. They’re doing fine with the others and we now have our full flock of 9.

 I have a suspicion that one of our Buff Orpingtons is a rooster, based on size and wing sexing, but I’ve also never spent time with chickens before so I could be mistaken. Time will tell.

Also on the docket for today is grooming the rabbit, Maggie and our Border collie, Cyd. They’re both looking a little shaggy.

My husband had cut down some smaller trees from our back lot which I cut down to useable “logs” for one of our retaining walls for the terrace garden.

 I told my mother I had been chopping logs with an axe and she told me that’s “man’s work” and that I’m not a pioneer woman. I assured her I made my hubster do the hard labor. I tell ya what though, this homesteading thing isn’t for the faint of heart. On a daily basis, I encounter poop from 4 different species of creature, including my children.

The swale is completely finished being dug and just needs to have mulch thrown down in it to make it act as a giant water sponge.

We also have a tree service coming to estimate the cost of removal of “the beast” tree that’s shading too much of the garden with its gnarly, mostly deadness.

Generally speaking, my preference is to maintain and preserve rather than remove trees, but this sucker has to go.

We finally got around to lighting the burn pile of brush. We’ll use the ash in compost and probably chicken dust baths.

Other than that, we’ll keep on keeping on.

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