First Post-second-baby Workout!

Today was a milestone for me. It marks the first day I’ve had both the time and energy for a decent workout.

My daughter is 4 months old and I’m feeling really good- better than I did at this stage after my son was born.

So, since both Bambinos decided to take a long late nap at the same time today, I worked outside and logged 20 minutes worth of fartleks and hills.

First, as a HIIT (High intensity interval training) workout, I built the base of an herb spiral around an old stump in the front yard.

I did sprints to and from the mulch pile with the wheel barrow, then the shoveling/digging was resistance work, and the cool down periods I layed newspaper and spread the mulch.

Then I am blessed to have a husband who understands that I’d rather have a pair of new running shoes than jewelry for our anniversary. 

So I set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes and did 3 uphill sprints, walked the downhills and jogged the straights over about a mile long distance. And by hill, I mean those wicked rolling hills East Tennessee is known for. Whew!
I am officially beat now, but I learned some things today:

1) I’m getting older and I don’t bounce back as quickly so it’s much more important that I maintain physical fitness as opposed to constantly rebuilding from scratch in order to avoid injury and maintain strength for work around the homestead and energy for play with my small ones.

2) I don’t need to workout the way I did in my earlier 20s. I have a lot of resistance work in building permaculture land works and maintaining the homestead that I didn’t have when I lived in a city. So I don’t need to go to the gym and spend 2 hours on a treadmill or bench press, or squats or kettle bells. I have all the same actions in doing practical work around the house!

3) I am amazed by the mighty power of God who spoke the universe into existence ​and yet saw fit to form me- out of shape, tired, stubborn, arrogant, proud, ignorant me- and to enable me to move and feel a rush of power and freedom every time my feet leave the pavement. God is good, and apart from Him, none of the rest of this even matters.

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