Chicken Chasing!

What a day!

On the docket this week has been our church’s vacation Bible school, so my husband and I and the kids are just worn out. My brain is fried, I’m not going to lie.

The kids and I slept later than usual this morning- 7:15am! I know, outrageous. So I went to let the chickens into the run as soon as possible. My son then wanted to do our usual rounds of the raspberry bushes and a walk though the “forest cave” as he calls it.

 Our walk was halted though by a flurry of flapping and goofy chicken sounds. The andalusian escaped! My first thought was, oh no, Cyd is out, what if she gets it before I do!? Luckily, that fear was unjustified because Cyd helped me catch the chicken! She obeyed commands and stayed no closer than 3 feet from the chicken. She herded it out of the woods and toward the run, where I was able to scoop it up and place it back in the run. But, no sooner than I got the andalusian back in than the black Australorp escaped!! Ah! This time, Cyd got it to circle the outside of the run and then I was able to open the run gate and usher it in. Wow! I was impressed. For a dog who consistently ate Blu Ray cases and library book bindings as a younger dog, she really saved my bacon today, or poultry as the case may be.

That said, I spent the afternoon putting up a higher level of chicken wire around the back side of the run where they were escaping, and all are still present and accounted for 2 hours later.

As I was hanging the chicken wire, I noticed 4 hawks circling above the yard! Oy vey! I just prayed, staple gun in hand, Lord God, I come to you humbled, knowing that I can’t possibly prevent a hawk attack at all times, but YOU are sovereign over all creation! Please satisfy the hawks with other food and keep my chicken flock safe! In Jesus’ name, amen. I looked up and the hawks were gone and they haven’t been back. Thank you, Jesus. 

It seems silly praying for chickens, but it reminded me of the power of God and the power of intercessory prayer. God loves His children and yearns to satisfy them with good things, I don’t know why I don’t cry out to God about more of the “silly” things in my life. The responsibility is at times overwhelming! But it’s not about what I can manage, it’s about how much I surrender to God, because He can handle everything. It’s about God being glorified and me being humbled. It’s about seeing less of myself in me, and more of Christ. Amen to that!

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