Canning Time!

I’m canning my first batch of garden produce today!

The funny part is that it isn’t from my garden’s produce. And this is a God thing, so let me tell you what happened.

June was set to be a rough month for us financially. We had some annual expenses to take care of at our rental property in North Carolina, as well as my husband’s apprenticeship tuition due. So we adjusted the budget and prepared for things to be a little tighter than usual. In addition to that, our garden was much smaller this year than we originally intended because I ended up having our daughter a month early and that limited what I could do to prep the garden site. So, anyway, I prayed for God’s provision and for our financial situation and that we’d have enough produce to preserve some for the tighter months ahead.

In an unexpected turn of events, our next door neighbors (the ones with the traditional row garden with weeds) sold their home and are moving to a more handicap friendly home. That said, our neighbor called out to me in the yard the other day and told me to pick what we wanted from their garden so it wouldn’t go to waste! Wow! I just thought, how generous and kind of them! I ended up with 4 pint jars of green beans and a cabbage bigger than my head (which I’m about to turn into kraut) 

It isn’t a pantry full, but it certainly is helping me restock and taking a few things off my grocery list. The point is, God is faithful, all the time. And even though I don’t necessarily agree with our neighbor’s growing methods, we still benefited from them, which was humbling. In the time we are preparing and saving for the future, God is making sure we have what we need in the present. Amen!

I just remember the book of Exodus while the Israelites were in the desert and God provided them Mana from heaven (Exodus 16). He didn’t give them enormous amounts to try to preserve or store up for themselves, but only what they needed each day. He taught them reliance on His provision. The Lord’s prayer says, “…give us this day our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:12) Not give us this day our food rations for the next year. While I have a somewhat prepper mentality about food storage, and I do believe it’s good to steward what God gives us, especially when we have an abundance, it’s a healthy reminder that we need only ask for one day at a time and God supplies our needs over and above all we could ask or imagine.

So let that be your food for thought today.

God bless, and keep on canning, my friends!

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