A Wacky Week in Review

I am exhausted. Just plain ol’ tired.

I did get a lot done this week, but not without some ridiculous misadventures along the way.

Went grocery shopping and my daughter decided to poop all over me while in the Moby wrap. I pressed on and finished the grocery trip, and then my son had a blow out in the cart on the way out to the car. The ride home was stinky in a poo covered shirt. Note to self: bring a change of clothes for myself as well as both kids…

I also discovered that we have some orange tipped oakworm moths. I’ve seen two adults now, and didn’t realize what they were until I Googled “giant orange moth things.” The encounter was unexpectedly hostile when I tried to remove it from a raspberry bush and it launched a stream of fluid from it’s tail end at me. That was alarming…and yucky… mostly yucky…

I got a tick bite on Tuesday. I removed the tick as soon as I noticed it and didn’t think anything about it until Thursday when I had developed the characteristic bullseye rash of Lyme infection. Hooray! So it was a trip to urgent care at 7:30 in the evening Thursday night and a heavy round of antibiotics and steroid ointment. I’m mostly just upset at the gastric distress the antibiotics are going to cause me by the end of their course. I’d better start brewing some kefir and yogurt now…

On top of all that, my youngest sister had a small bowel resection on Friday, and I feel terrible because I wasn’t able to go up and visit her or help with my niece and nephew. I haven’t ruled out a visit while she recovers. She has a long road of healing and lifestyle changes ahead of her. I pray for comfort and peace through it all for her and her sweet, sweet family.

So it’s been a pretty crazy week around here. It’s also been raining fairly well all week because of tropical storm Cindy, so we haven’t gotten a whole lot done.

BUT, my 2 year old son did help me inoculate some shitake logs. Here’s a video for funsies. I’m always amazed at what he is capable of when given the opportunity to do more and more around the homestead.

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