Some Wintery Crochet Projects

I get an itch to crochet as soon as the weather snaps cold.

This year, I set out to make my family coordinating Christmas stockings, each with a different stripe pattern to designate each individual’s stocking, and so far, I’m 85% done with one. Here it is so far:

Green Christmas stocking with white and red striping

I’ll finish out the foot and toe bits, add a decorative hanging loop, and weave in the loose ends to finish it out.

I’ve also completed my first successful hat!

It’s sized for “teen” but it fits my adult head perfectly. I don’t know what exactly the size difference between teen and adult is, but I don’t imagine it’s very much. We’ll call it a size medium. My son asked to model- clearly it’s big for a toddler, but I have the basic process down now so I can adjust for various sizes.

That’s all I’ve got for now!

I’ll have some “made to order” on the Etsy shop soon!

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