Shaggy Maple Homestead Update

We applied for our agricultural sales and use tax exemption!

It’s supposed to take about 3 weeks to hear back from the state.

I don’t really know why I’m so nervous; worst case scenario we’re told “no” until we actually sell some of our produce.

In other news, we are awaiting to hear from a farm in Georgia about some British Guernsey kids they’re expecting to arrive in mid February. They’ve had a series of “buckling heavy” years for whatever reason so we’ve been put on their “interested” list pending the arrival of some registered doelings this year. I’m praying that God opens that door for us if it’s in accordance with His will because it stands to actually save us upwards of $500 annually to feed and care for a dairy goat or two and have access to our own raw milk and butter and cheese as opposed to purchasing all the dairy we consume like we are now. It’s taken time for us to locate a farm that raises BGs that is within driving distance of us (4 hours or under was pretty much my limit). Sooooooo now we wait…

…And daydream about how nice it’ll be to have goats to help us clear out our back acerage.

We’re in a bit of a holding pattern until the first of the year when we start our seedlings, and get our chicks, and everything else that comes with preparation for spring. Which is fine. There’s a lot of anticipation with our son due to arrive in 7 more weeks! AHH! I still have so much preparation to get through before he arrives (especially if he decides to make his debut sooner than later). But it’s all exciting. That coupled with our new financial plans in place, we hope (with God’s guidance) to make the most of the coming year.

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