Children on the Homestead

We have 3 kiddos babies.

They’re 3, 1.5, and 1 month. Babies.

As the Mama duck around here, you might imagine it’s difficult to wrangle all my ducklings outside while I do gardeney things, and you’d be right.

I took everyone outside last week, and it was the first time all 3 of us have been out while Papa was at work.

The babiest baby was in my Moby wrap and the other two were running/crawling about exploring.

I had an agenda to get my cold weather crops in the ground so in order to make that happen, I had to think of a way to get the other two interested in what I was doing. So, I gave my son his own garden space and seeds and he “went to work” planting bachelor’s button in his little circular plot.

I have a really beautiful picture in my mind of a children’s garden here eventually.

Titus was really interested in adding topsoil, raking, and hoeing so that’s what we did. Then he sprinkled the seeds in the rows he had made, and he is looking forward to watching his flowers grow, and “working” in the garden, like Mama. I was so pleased to see that he actually took to investing in his own little plot. The part he was most excited about was picking which seeds to plant. Originally he had wanted to plant beets or radishes, but once I showed him the packet of bachelor’s button flowers and mentioned that the flowers were edible, he was sold.

Hey everyone, expect to see my 3 year old with little flowers in the button holes of his polo shirts. Because that’s my weirdo kid, wearing the Crocs with khakis and a flower in his shirt. (And truthfully, I love his weirdness)

And with the kids either napping or interested in their own patches of dirt, I was able to sow carrots, turnips, radishes, beets, spinach, shungiku, rhubarb, and parsley. We already have sugar snap peas and Romain lettuce coming up and it’s all looking lovely.

I set about redoing the circular bed I had planned for herbs 2 autumns ago. You may remember I intended to put an herb spiral out front but between two pregnancies, other gardening projects, and general life things, it got put on the back burner and weeds had taken over. So that got the soil aerated, green manured, papered and mulched. I left a patch of dandelions for their roots to be used medicinally as tea, so yes, I see the “weeds” they’re there on purpose.

My husband and I got the peas trellised, and put our walking onions into a better row.

Egyptian walking onions
Oregon Sugar Snap Peas

We ended up planting twice the amount of peas we had last year, and the onions have taken off exponentially!

Also, we planted a bunch of Yukon gold potatoes last summer/fall and we thought all had been lost… But…

Look what I found! We had just enough little seed potatoes to put in a full row of potatoes this year. Idk what we’ll do with them, because my son can’t eat them, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

We also moved one of our sage plants. Me, forgetting it was a perennial, spaced them oddly to interplant with other herbs that happened to be annuals. Woops. So now it’s in its own little space and the garden makes a little more sense and is a little more asthetically pleasing.

I can’t wait to see the garden in full bloom!

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