Pants, Pullets, Plans, and Plants

I’ve been backlogged with projects lately… Having a newborn does that to you.

Anyway, today I logged about 45 minutes into the pants patching project. I got the seams ripped in the jeans, the patch hemmed and placed, and pinned together. Now all I have to do is secure the patch and stitch up the inseam again. The patch will likely outlast the pants themselves. The patch denim doesn’t quite match the pants denim because one has more of a wash than the other, but… They’re work pants, and useless at this point with gaping knee holes, so I figured hey, patched is an improvement!

Our pullets are all outside and integrated with the 4 other chickens. It’s actually like they’re two separate flocks, the younger ones stay together and the older ones don’t seem to care. We introduced them into the run last weekend.

There is space below our coop which was perfect to set up the small chicks were they were near the older chickens, but still separated for safety.

We put chicken wire up between the coop and the rest of the run.

The older chickens didn’t seem to pay much attention to them at all and there wasn’t much conflict in establishing the new pecking order, so that’s good. So far, everything is doing alright. We’ll see how it progresses as the pullets begin laying in another month or so.

I’ve also drawn up plans for a shelf/shoe cubby for the fireplace area. Right now, shoes get piled up beside the back sliding door, which is really just an eyesore. That, and everything from keys, newspaper, mail and books spills over onto the kitchen table, so I’m looking for an improvement to those conundrums.

Because of it’s proposed size, it can go really in any number of places, though right now I’m thinking in this nook by the fireplace.

It will have 4 shoe cubbies measuring about 7x10x18″, and one 14x10x18″ to accommodate a pair (maybe 2) of boots

And here’s a rough sketch for funsies, so I can picture what I’m after. All my measurements are taken without accounting for the width of the wood, and my husband knows this about me. That said, I always make sure to tell him those are the overall dimensions, not the carpenter dimensions. I am not a wood-worker, I am a planner and a dreamer. I need someone else in my life to be pragmatic. Enter husband…or father-in-law… Either way, they built my chicken coop and since then, I’ve been plottin– I mean– planning several projects that I probably would not have the skill to build on my own (think potting bench and herb shed, picnic table, bench, etc.)

And finally, I got our hazelnut seedlings planted. They arrived from the Arbor Day foundation several weeks ago so it’s about time they end up in their final resting place. Our plan for them is a hedge that spans most of our driveway, and to take cuttings from them annually to grow and expand the hedgerow. Hey, if you’re going to have a hedge, it may as well produce delicious nuts for you.

Before planting (late fall 2017)

After planting spring 2018

One of the 3 hazelnut seedlings

Our overnight temps still not quite warm enough to harden off the tomatoes and peppers, but by next week it should be consistently above 45° outside overnight. I could set them out during the day, and bring them in each night, but… 1) I have way too much else to do in a day. 2) I don’t have a good way to move them in and out. So, for now we wait. They’re pretty leggy, but because I burry most of the stem, it ends up being okay because it turns into massive root systems.

That’s about all I’ve got for an update for now. We’re succession planting and waiting on the exciting first harvest of our early spring veggies.

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