Creating Atmosphere in Your Home

When I first stumbled onto the concept of home atmosphere, I was a little blind sided by the idea that creating that sense of “home” was my responsibility.

What makes my house a home?

Truthfully, I had a difficult time answering that question. When I was a kid, something my mother always did well was establishing an atmosphere in our homes. Everything was always nicely decorated, the walls were painted in warm colors, there were quaint wall hangings and family photos, seasonally scented candles, freshly vacuumed floors, and even if our bedrooms weren’t always tidy, you could bank on the main living areas being clean and organized.

My mother’s house is still that way.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m not sure how she did it- managed to keep the house neat and tidy. I count it a win when the laundry is folded!

My husband did this! 😁

I’ve found that as much as I desire the house to feel homey, it never quite does. Maybe that’s because I grew accustomed to moving every couple years, but decorating and setting an atmosphere in my home never really solidified in my home making. We never bought and hung curtains, photos and wall hangings are sparse, and the clutter is an ongoing battle.

But atmosphere is more than home decor. It’s also the tone or overall feeling of the home. As a Christian homemaker, my job is to create and environment in which it is easy for the Holy Spirit to work, and easy for Christ to be seen, felt, and heard. Admittedly, this task is far more difficult when you’ve allowed yourself to be complacent and accept clutter, disorganization, and chaos. Like anything else, it’s easier to put in the work to maintain than to fix.

If the atmosphere in the home is a reflection of the relationships inside the home, then clutter, dust, disorder, and bare are not ideal adjectives to describe one’s home… My home…

But what if the interior of my home is that way because I put more effort into the occupants of my home than the atmosphere itself? Well then, I’d call that a win.

So, I’m trying. I’m committing to putting forth a solid effort to making our house a sanctuary for my husband, our children, and any friends that come over. But I’m focusing more on loving the people in my home first.

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