Today’s Harvest

Busy busy day!

I have some bulk cooking to do today!

In addition to today’s lovely harvest, I also have a fridge full of tomatoes, and butternut squash that needs to be processed before this holiday weekend gets me too busy to pay mind to it.

I get asked a lot how I keep up with everything. It’s actually not difficult, just time consuming. Instead of sitting on the couch all afternoon while the kids nap, I clean, meal-prep, preserve our produce, and bulk cook.

On my list for today: homemade blueberry muffins, raspberry muffins, peanut butter cookies (because even gluten free/ paleo people like a sweet now and then) and I finished the kombucha Monday, and the cheese crackers Tuesday.

This is stuff I like to keep on hand to pull out as we need it. Muffins are great uses for our berries, and they make yummy breakfasts or snacks. The cookies I’m making special as our family gathering usually involves sweets and since it’s hard to hear “No, you can’t eat that!” over and over, I like to have options for my little ones.

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