SMH Back to Eden Demonstration

It’s Fall!!

and that means we’re building another Back to Eden terrace (our final one in this garden) and we thought we’d take the opportunity to make it a teachable moment.

We’ll cover the basics of permaculture land works, B2E site preparation, planting, cultivar selection, pruning, and more!

Join us for a demonstration/master class/tour on Saturday October 27, 2018 from 10:00AM to Noon.

You can register for the event through the link on our Back to Eden Garden Demonstration page.

Cost: Against advisement, I don’t feel right charging admission for the class, because I feel as if I have really been blessed by God in this endeavor and I know that He has richly blessed us and enabled us to do much of our B2E gardening for free. Where God guides, He also provides, so I believe that as we’re generous in sharing our knowledge, He’ll make sure we have what we need. I want to share this abundance and grace. That said, we will accept a suggested donation of $5.00 at the door the day of the event. We will also have a few items available for purchase.

Registrants will be emailed location and directions to the event following their online registration.

Q & A, light refreshments and raffle to follow.

leave any questions in the comments below!

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