Moving Furniture and other Fun Stuff

Our neighbors recently got their girls some new bedroom furniture so we were given the older pieces. They’re really pretty, classic looking wooden chest of drawers. I would love to sand them down and refinish them… But that’s a project for another day. In the meantime, they solve my storage space conundrum and allow me to do a bit of rearranging of the furniture, and transition away from the plastic drawers (which can now be used for things like homeschool, garage, or closet storage)

And we’re still doing winter prep on the farm. We finished mulching around the apple, chestnut, and hazelnut trees.

And I built a new ramp for our chickens! 😄

Also, another “problem” with following Paul Gautchi’s model of chicken keeping, is that in giving them all our yard and garden waste, they’re turning it into beautiful topsoil…that had built up to the point of no longer being able to open the gate to the run. So, I had to shovel out some of the gorgeous dirt from the chicken run. I’ve been told that eventually my abundance will become a challenge, and I think I’m starting to see that in the chicken pen.

We’ve got family coming in next weekend for a wedding our oldest boy is in, which, combined with the rainy weather gives me an excellent excuse to work on cleaning out our back bedroom/school room/storage room. It’s been a catch-all since we moved in, and mostly, I’m just thankful we kept the stuff up here instead of in the under-the-stairs closet, as it was probably saved from certain destruction with the septic overflow we had in the basement.

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