I had a kind of scary day Wednesday.

I had tingling in my fingers and arm of my left arm; it just felt weak. I shrugged it off as just something weird, maybe just working too hard in the yard.

I took the kids with me to a monthly play date/mom’s meeting. We had breakfast, and then I took them to pick up a few grocery items and things to prepare for Christmas.

It wasn’t a particularly stressful day; no more than usual. We are lunch at the salad bar at the grocery store. I figured, fresh veggies, fruit, and turkey can’t be bad, right?

We finished running our errands and when we got home, my arm had gone from tingly to numb and I was having difficulty breathing with chest tightness.

I started to feel listless and had a hard time concentrating on anything.

I put the smallest kids to nap and asked my husband to come home so he could drive me to the emergency room. I called a friend from church to sit with the kids and then I just waited.

I called my grandmothers, to see if what I was feeling was anything like they experienced with their heart conditions. Neither was able to offer much help, but it was nice to talk to them anyway.

After we got to the hospital and triaged, (it was the FASTEST I’ve ever been seen! Kudos to our hospital ER!) I was still feeling fatigued and my left arm was mostly numb with a few tingly feelings in the fingers. My heart rate and blood pressure were kind of all over the place. First it was high, then it was low…

The EKG came back normal, but every time the blood pressure cuff inflated, my arms would have shooting pain and my whole body would twitch.

The second or third time that happened, I felt a tightness in my chest and upper abdomen, almost the same sensation as a labor contraction. Then I experienced numbness in both hands, it moved up my arms, and into my face. My arms seized and my right leg spasmed.

Feeling my body out of my control was very scary, particularly in my hands and face.

I was given a bronchodilator breathing treatment. I couldn’t even grasp it myself because my hands were weak.

I was also given a very strong antihistamine and something for nerves that helped release the spasms.

They determined it was an anaphylactic reaction to something I ate… Except I have no idea what it was or how much or anything. It could have been the salad bar, it could have been the yogurt at breakfast. I don’t know.

But here is what bothers me about the anaphylactic seizure diagnosis.

1) anaphylaxis usually occurs within 30 minutes of exposure to the allergen. It had been hours since I had eaten.

2) they prescribed pepsid tablets…which contained corn starch… Which is the most likely culptit of my anaphylactic reaction… So that wasn’t going to help.

3.) They then recommended benedryl, which knocks me out. I can’t function on benedryl.

4.) My body is still weak and fatigued and I had a terrible headache last night. I had a difficult time standing up to make breakfast this morning. And I’m very dizzy and light headed and having heart palpitations.

Altogether it’s been pretty unnerving and I’m just ready to feel better.

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  1. My husband actually got me thinking it might be the flu. Took some tamiflu and I feel spectacular. So, we can chalk the seizure bit up to the “perfect storm” stress, plus allergen, plus flu and my body was just in distress. Hitting the oregano and chicken soup hard now and resting.


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