Gardening in December?!?

My most favorite thing is planting new plants and watching them grow.

This usually makes for a bleak winter time because everything goes to sleep and doesn’t wake from it’s slumber until the spring.

This is not true for my Back to Eden Garden. I have some sort of greens growing just about all year long. Right now, I have parsley, sage, Swiss chard, and Egyptian walking onions all still kickin’. And that’s after we had snow last weekend!

Yesterday, I took advantage of my organic market co-op membership and purchased a potted rosemary plant on the cheap. The poor thing’s roots were about to choke itself; I rescued him just in time.

So, today, yes, December 13, I planted it outside in the Back to Eden garden.

Unlike most traditional gardens, mine is so well insulated that I can grow cold-hardy plants almost all year long. January-February tends to be the coldest period of time here in East Tennessee, so that’s when I lose many of my greens. But, for now, I can still satiate that craving for greens in the garden without giving in to the wilty, green-house-grown ones in the grocery stores.

Nope, I don’t have a hoop house, but if I did, I could probably keep plants going on even through the coldest months.

For now, I’m enjoying God’s blessings of provision and abundance, yes, even in December.

5 thoughts on “Gardening in December?!?

  1. If you’re more of a book person, there has been a book written on Paul called “Growing Food God’s Way” but it’s always sold out. Periodically, the ebook version goes on sale but I’ve found its difficult to come by a hard copy of the book.


  2. Nice! Only think I have growing right now is parsley and thyme, but I’m hoping to get my mini greenhouses built this weekend so I can start some cold hard greens! What are some good resources I can find for Back to Eden gardening? We are trying to amend our soil, mostly so far with compost and bought soil, but I would love some new tips. Thanks!

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    1. You have GOT to see the back to Eden film! It changed my life.
      Also, L2Survive with ThatNub on YouTube has videoed tours with Paul Gautchi that are incredibly helpful, as well as classes on pruning and planting, and cultivar selection. I highly recommend them.
      Also Appalachia’s homestead with Patara on YouTube was a huge help to us getting started with back to Eden tomatoes, and her videos are so genuine, she’s a joy to watch and teaches from the heart.

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