A Little Holiday Cleaning and Updates

My kitchen…


It’s the most used room in the house and the least functional. Go figure that one out. I long for the day when we can finally afford the remodel.

In the meantime, I am making do with a good pre-Christmas clean.

I got the oven scrubbed out and ran a self-clean cycle

I finally got caught up on dishes and “shined my sink” like the FlyLady told me.

Now all that’s left is to mop the floor.

Hopefully now the only smells that will emanate from the kitchen will be those of delicious foods cooking on my now spotless range.

I’ve gotten most of the laundry squared away, and there are only two loads which just need to be folded and put away (why does that take the longest?)

The guest room is clean and ready for family coming in this weekend (Love you guys, can’t wait to see you!)

I’m still waiting for some gifts to arrive in the mail, but they’re all supposed to get here by this weekend before Christmas, so here’s to hoping no hiccups happen with the shipping.

And it would seem all that remains is to enjoy the holidays!

I’ve repaired our Advent tree 3 times now (and a rocking horse) and I’m rethinking its location for next year.

I’m almost finished with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and as such, I’m glad I started reading it when I did, or I may not have made it through.

I got the saxophones out and played some Christmas tunes for the kids.

It was almost more depressing for me seeing how much work the horns need; new corks , springs, and pads on one, and new corks and springs on the other, and I don’t have a local technician who can do it affordably.

But, the kids enjoyed it, and that was the goal, so I count it a good time.

Our church Christmas cantata went well. It was so nice singing with a full orchestra again. I miss those days this time of year. You can watch and enjoy it here. My husband and I had a duet which was fun to put together as well.

Right now I’m finishing up some handmade gifts and resisting the urge to paint the dining room… Now is not the time, woman, seriously!...

We took some time off our homeschool lessons at Thanksgiving so I’m trying to cram a little with our pre-reading curriculum to catch up before January. The kids are enjoying it, so as long as they’re engaged and happy, we’ll keep pressing on.

How are you spending this time leading up to Christmas?

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