Faith in Difficult Circumstances

I had some blood work done recently.

It was prompted by the random seizure in November and a series of autoimmune flares apart from my usual food allergen triggers.

Of course, I always jump to the worst case scenario. It’s my way of bracing for bad news and making any surprises good ones.

But, my physician is looking for thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disease, specifically RA, and lupus.

So…what if it’s lupus?

I’ve prepared myself for that diagnosis. I don’t want to end up on steroids for the rest of my life. But honestly, apart from that nothing much would change; I’d still eat whole foods, I’d still be physically active… I’d pause for rest more… I’d hug my kids more… I’d trust God for each day more.

What if it’s worse than lupus?

God is still God. He still sits on His throne. Whether I am at home in the body or away, I will seek His glory.

I will yet praise Him.

Because I’m still a wife and a mother, and those tasks in and of themselves are not the goal. The goal is to make Christ more fully known to the people in my life. And whether in sickness or health, abundance or scarcity, joy or sorrow, I commit it all to the Lord. He is the only explanation for who, and why I am what I am.

I’m saying this now, so that on the hard days, I can reread these words and take heart knowing that I know the One who has numbered my days; who holds my healing in His hands, and bore my iniquities upon Himself so that I might know Him in eternity.

Keeping the big picture in view. 😉

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