Flash Flood Cleanup: Mostly All done!

So God teaches me things about His character through my gardens. It stands to reason, right? What with His originally and intentionally placing His created people in a garden. I believe that’s where He could most simply and powerfully reveal Himself to them.

Anyway, we had some flash flooding that totally messed up our driveway and terrace garden.

We set to work on fixing it and the water runoff issue that caused it as soon as the rain stopped.

Re-dug fenceline swale
Swale diverted water flow around the garden

We lengthened and deepened the fenceline swale and remulched the bottom terrace. I’m happy to say that our wisdom was vindicated and in the torrential rains we received that resulted in the state of Tennessee declaring a state of emergency due to flooding, our gardens remained intact. The swale did its job, and we’re ready to go for spring planting!

Our seedlings are doing great so far.

God is good. And He blessed our efforts. Granted, our roof saw some leakage and damage from the storm…

But, I can’t complain when many people experienced devastating flooding.

So the bulk of our preparation work is complete, save for finishing the wattle trellises for peas.

Now, we wait!

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