Life on Mars, But Not in the Womb.

There are some posts I write because I feel led to share things. There are others I write because I need them as a means to preach the Gospel to myself. And there are still others I write because, well someone has to. Whether anyone reads them or not.

This is one of the 3rd kind.

I was scrolling through my Google news cards this afternoon, because I’m largely out of the loop on major current events not printed in my local paper… I’m old school, remember?

But what I saw was so insane and backwards that I actually gagged a little.

First, Hollywood gossip is “news worthy.” My, how far legitimate journalism has fallen. I want to believe reporters used to present facts (spin aside) for the reader to interpret and make educated deductions. It hasn’t been that way for YEARS. Now we just have bloggers troll Twitter to see what potentially click-bait, viral celebrity missteps or outrage we can find and peddle over the internet.

Which brings me to Alyssa Milano, who mistakenly believes Georgia’s “Heartbeat bill” is an affront to women’s bodily autonomy…yet on-demand abortion is not an affront to the living, growing, heartbeat having, fingernail growing, fingerprint bearing child in a womb? A child who did not choose to be there, regardless of the circumstances of conception?

And then, I saw this:

What is wrong with our culture that we leap for joy at the “life” of an anomalystic fungus on another planet, but we condemn legislation seeking to guard the sanctity of a human life with a discernable beating heart in utero?

Does no one else see that disgusting and abhorrent irony!?

May God have mercy on this nation, and may Jesus come quickly to call His faithful home… It’s not getting any better, you guys.

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