Beautification Day

Lots of my workdays are because things need to get done. But today I worked on subduing some of the chaos that’s going on right now.

I had brought up an old work bench/table thingy from the basement last week to turn into my potting bench/outdoor workspace. But before I could really do anything with it, I wanted to remulch the back porch area. It’s been 2 years since that was done, and it had all broken down and gotten pretty muddy again. So I carted 4 loads of mulch over.

As I was doing that, I noticed the rose bush and the hostas were getting a little out of control, so I split them up and moved the little ones over by the chicken run. Last year, I tried growing sunflowers over there, and it didn’t really work out.

I thought I’d take plants I know are already successfully growing in partially shaded areas and try them over there. We’ll see how they do. I love the experimental aspect of gardening, especially when my crazy ideas work out (like growing cucumbers on the neighbor’s fence last year.)

But a couple really cool things happened in the beautification process. Anybody remember Field of Dreams? “If you build it, they will come.” Well, we built the “playground” for our littles…

The neighborhood kids seem to enjoy it also!

And that, although it makes my husband uneasy to have “strangers” hanging out at the house, is my mission field. I get to love on these kids, many of whom come from broken families. I get to show them Christ though being present with them, they play with my children, and I get the opportunity to show Christian hospitality. I love it. And I pray that these laid back Saturdays are equally fun for them.

As far as “homestead news” goes, we have a couple of workshops planned in a few weeks.

First is our Introduction to Herbal Tinctures. It’ll be from 1:00-2pm on Saturday, April 20 (the Saturday before Easter). We’ll discuss the basics of herbal tinctures; how’s, why’s, uses, contraindications, preparations. You’ll leave the class with an instructional pamphlet and we’ll make a tincture for your herbal medicine chest.

Tickets are $10 and cover the cost of supplies. You can get tickets by clicking the link above, or by visiting our Shaggy Maple Facebook page here: @SMHomestead and checking out our events.

The next event is the first in our Summer Workshop Series: Back to Eden Basics. It’s scheduled for Saturday, May 11 from 10am-Noon. We’ll discuss garden site location, preparation, and self-sustainable maintenance. The workshop will include a tour of our gardens, a Q&A, and will conclude with light refreshments. We will (Lord willing) have homemade products and produce available for sale as well.

Tickets are free for children up to age 12, and free for Veterans. Adult tickets are $15 and available for purchase through the link above, or on our SMH Facebook page.

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