Easter Weekend Projects

First and foremost, we celebrated our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

My in-laws came down and we really had a wonderful visit.

We celebrated with an Easter Seder, and told the Passover/Passion story with food. It was delicious and it was a great, tangible way for us to share with the kids that Easter means Jesus, not egg-laying bunnies.

We finished up the footbridge (and by we, I mean my father-in-law) and all that’s left now is to make it look pretty.

The garden is doing well so far. I’ve planted our tomatoes and basil and one row of peppers. I have to finish planting the habañeros and jalapeños.

I weeded the pepper bed, but was coerced into leaving a patch of sorrel for the littles- they LOVE munching that stuff. What can I say? I got weird kids… My son said at dinner last night, “No pizza please, just salad.” I don’t think I’ve ever uttered those words in my life. At least, not without sarcasm…

… anyway…This monstrosity finally got branched and chopped up. It’s no longer precariously situated on wonky branches, and it feels like much less of a safety hazard. I have some ideas for the stumpy logs, but not quite sure which idea to go for.

So this area got mowed finally, and it just looks much nicer, and definitely cleaner.

We also planted our 3 new apple trees!

I’m really excited to see how they fare against our pesky humidity induced apple disease (mold, rust, mildew) and I’m hopeful they’ll become beautiful additions to the orchard. I jokingly call it the Waldorf salad orchard because it’s apples and nuts (albeit chestnuts, not walnuts). Hey, once the grapes begin fruiting and I get a greenhouse going for our salady greens, we can make our own Waldorf salad, exclusively with our own produce! That’s an exciting day, and I look forward to it.

I like the green-ness of it, but ultimately, my plan is to woodchip most of this hillside and grow shade loving edibles and herbs under the trees.

And finally, in celebration of my 1st born’s 4th birthday, Gaffer and Grandmama got the kiddos a swing set to add to our playground! It was by far the most favorite project of the weekend.

We showed Gaffer and Grandmama historic downtown, and I got this gem of my girl and her Grandmama. Priceless. I may have it enlarged and printed on a canvas. Two of my favorite ladies, right there.

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