Farmhouse Renovations Continued

I realized that all you lovely people haven’t seen our basement since it was gutted. Well, actually, you’ve never seen our basement. Because it’s a little scary down there. So I thought I’d take you on a post-deconstruction tour.

This is what it used to look like in one of the storagey areas.

Dark, scary, basment-y.

General grossness.

And here is that area now.

Better, right? And the nasty basement smell is all gone!

We have a sump pump now!

And no more leaky pipes!

Speaking of smells, the nasty musty smell is being thrown out as we pull out the carpet grossness.

Bleh. Stanky.

But, as it turns out, I live in a family of nasty little trolls and as much as I dreamed about a rustic, white, plank floor, I think I’m going to need something more forgiving of our dirt in the dining room…

Something more… brown.

So I’m back on my paper floor kick, like this one! Look at it!! It’s gorgeous!

I still plan on priming the rest of subfloor before I do the paper floor, because… Well, it’s gross. And I need a sealed, primed surface to work with because, c’mon, I’m not a savage! But that adds a few extra dollars and steps to my process and that makes me want to cry big, fat, crocodile tears.

And I still want to have the planks in the kitchen. At least until I think of something better.

Because LOOK at that!?!? Gorgeous, right?

But, hopefully when it’s done, it’ll give us a few years of wear so we can save to put in something more permanent and troll-resistant.

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