Dining Room Paper Floor

So white is not a color for this clan of mine. Nope. We’re too… Well, I was going to say messy, cruddy, and mucky, but we’ll go with rugged… We’re too rugged to pull off white. White is a color for pristine, childless, petless, showplace homes.

So, we (and by we, I mean I, because my husband officially checked out of my crazy hairbrained scheme) decided to do a paper floor in the dining room.

We spent the better part of 2 days so far tearing brown craft paper into asymmetrical square “tiles” and then sectioned off the dining room to complete one bit at a time.

This makes things difficult for this mama. Mealtimes have been particularly challenging. but heck, if I’m going to get down to business and rip out paneling, I may as well take out the nasty carpet while I’m at it, right?

One big mess is better than 5+ years worth of smaller messes- just purge the junk now!!! Call it nesting, call it “the mold thing fed me up with the built-in allergens living in the carpet”, call it “crazy person finally snapped under the pressure of motherhood.” Whatever.

In any case, it’s starting to come along.

We got the floor all primed. We discovered multiple layers of vinyl (which also contributed to our decision to paper floor) and stubborn trowel marks. Not something I want to have to look at. It’s completely uninspiring and honestly, ugly. So I’m COVERING IT UP!!

We’ve gotten 1/2 the floor papered with one coat of polyurethane on it. That’s the part that baffles me so, because I have no idea how to keep traffic or furniture off of it for 72 hours post 3rd coat… 😵

I love the depth and textured look this floor has. It reminds me of an Italian restaurant, and I feel like I need to be sipping a glass of fine wine while I sit in this room now. Maybe I’ll even change the horrible popcorn textured walls and ceilings to be more like stucco! Who knows.

That’ll have to wait until after baby comes.

So we’ll just go with it, and if we have table leg imprints, or chair scuffs, then, hey, that’s ok. It’s supposed to look rustic and lived in anyway! My goal isn’t domestic perfection, it’s hospitality and warmth. I love people by feeding them delicious food, and that can happen with or without floor scuffs.

Oh, and just in case anyone wondered, the Puke-meuda triangle is officially gone. I didn’t resort to sprinkling holy water or praying Psalm 91, but it did take a lot of scraping and sweeping.

Fun fact, it was actually in the shape of a triangle. Gross. And weird. But morbidly fascinating none the less.

It is nice to be coming along in the “improvements” and hopefully once the wall gets done, it’ll have that rustic 19-20th century cabin/farm cottage feel.

We’ll keep y’all posted as it progress 👍

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