Repotting an Orchid

You know how life just gets busy and you get preoccupied with 10,000 projects? That unfortunately has kept me from tending my house plants.

Let’s be clear- I have two small aloe vera plants and a phaleonopsis. And that’s it. So it’s not as if I’m bursting at the seams with indoor plant responsibility. I simply have been neglectful.

That said, I finally got to repot my orchid today.

When I removed it from its pot, it did NOT look good. 😰 There were maybe two salvagable roots and the rest of the plant had rotted… Too much water over here. But the part that I hadn’t noticed before was that the bark had all broken down into mushy soil (yay, composting!) But my plant couldn’t breathe and was holding on to too much water.

Truthfully, I’ve felt a lot like that plant. I look alright on the exterior, but underneath, I’m holding on to too many things– good things– and it’s making me feel like I’m suffocating. Is homeschooling good? Yes! Is houskeeping good? Yes! Is homemaking good? Yes! Is small group Bible study good? Yes! Is building my business good? Yes! But there comes a point when oversaturation in too many good things at once, or at inopportune times leaves you struggling to breathe.

So again, God spoke to me through my plants. It’s time for me to clean off my roots, and get back into good growing medium, and just take time to breathe.

Back to the orchid. I soaked what roots remained in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and repotted it in bark (woodchips) which I sifted and sanitized (I poured the remainder of the soak solution through the bark)

I took off all the dead leaves, and Lord willing, maybe this little plant will survive. We shall see.

One thought on “Repotting an Orchid

  1. It’s always heard to find time to relax and have ‘you time’ these days. It’s even worse when you’re on a homestead and you’ve got a family to take care of.. I too am guilty of taking on too many ‘good things’ at once, especially these past two weeks. Good luck on airing out your roots! Both yours, and the plants. 😉 And best of luck to you!

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