Thank You, Father

Thank you, Father for the pain that penetrates my heart,
for it reminds me of Your suff’ring, of the cross, planned from the start.

Before the earth was formed, You knew all from beginning to the end
and cast me not from Your presence, but instead called me a friend.

In spite of my unrighteousness, You gave Your Son willingly
to satisfy the wrath of God for sin; the penalty due me

Thank you, Father, for the tears that fall from weary eyes
as I turn my face to heaven and gaze up toward the skies

You set the stars- each in its place- and made them one by one.
They tell me of Your plans for me, Your seasons, and Your Son.

You mark the days that pass for us apart from eternity;
the end from the beginning, known by You, each part intimately.

Thank you, Father, for the hurt that causes me to see
that this world is not my home; you’ve made a better place for me.

The streets are gleaming, purest gold, free from impurity,
There dwell Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in perfect unity .

My name is written in Your book, my life held by Your mighty hand.
And my soul longs for the day when before You I will stand.

Thank you, Father, for the ache inside that causes me to cry
for it tells me of the pain You felt as You watched Your Begotten die.

Not a single word He said, but walked on silently,
bearing even this great pain: to die on Calvary.

He took my sorrows and my pains and bore them in His frame
that I might come to know the power and glory of His Name.

Thank you, Father, for the loss that brought me to my knees
for it opened up my blinded eyes so I could truly see

Your sovereign will stands always without fault or fail,
and I am cast down at pierced feet, the reason for each nail.

Through season after season of trial, pain, and loss,
You purify, refine me- make me worthy of Your Cross.

No minute of my suffering is wasted here on earth,
for every minutes speaks to my requirement for rebirth.

I’ll grieve a little while more while in the midst of pain,
yet boldly praise and glorify and worship Your great Name.

Even all my suffering, my loss, my pain, my grief,
will prove your tender mercies ’till rising with You, I find relief.

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