Paper Floor Update: 10 Months Later

Last August (2019) we ripped out our pea-green 1970s shag carpet…yep… It was horrible. And since we hadn’t decided what we wanted as far as long term flooring, we (I) decided to try a paper floor.

3 (now 4) kids, 2 dogs, and 10 months later, here’s how it’s holding up.

The biggest issues are along the seams/cracks of the subfloor planks, and the major traffic areas, i.e., the doorway, where chair scoots and spills happen under the table, and where there had been wrinkles or imperfections when the floor was first laid.

Am I disappointed? Yes and no. Yes, because part of me desires that Better Homes and Gardens flooring, but hey… This is paper. And no, for that very reason- it’s paper. It’s highly replaceable. It takes time, but I’d rather glue down new paper than buff scratches out of hardwood. Right? I don’t know… I’ve just accepted that kids and pets, and working in and toward financial freedom from debt slavery just means I won’t have nice things here.

Like blinds

Or wall plaster

Or paint

It’s been a heck of a week, I tell ya.

And that’s sometimes annoying, but not a big deal. I’m waiting for mansions in glory, right?

So today I’ve been patching torn places, and then this summer, we’ll likely do 3-5 coats of polyurethane to try to stay ahead of the destructive curve. It’ll help to have the kids able to play outdoors while we do that.

Anyway, overall, I still love the look of it. And I miss my rug (Boo Bear’s vertigo struck the rug after blueberry smoothie… $30 area rug Not worth the cleanup) but I’m working on a crocheted area rug. So there’s that.

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